Planning the Music for your Wedding
Most wedding ceremonies will include music for the guests' arrival, the ceremony and postlude. 
Guests arrive and are seated approximately fifteen to thirty minutes prior to the start of your ceremony.  I play recognizable classical and love songs to set the mood.
Honored Seating
Grandparents, Parents and other honored guests are escorted down the aisle to be seated in the front rows.
Candle Lighting
The Bride and Groom's mothers may light the candles to be used during the Unity Candle Ceremony.
Bridal Party Entrance
The Officiant, Groom and Groomsmen take their places followed by the entrance of the Bridesmaids, Ring Bearer and Flower Girl.  (or the Groomsmen may accompany the Bridesmaids.)
Bridal Processional
The Bride's walk down the aisle.
Unity Candle
Lighting of the Unity Candle by The Bride and Groom.
There may be other times during your ceremony where music is appropriate...Roses to the mothers, a prayer or a brief time of reflection between the Bride and Groom.
The conclusion of the ceremony when the Bride and Groom are introduced for the first time as a married couple.
At the conclusion of the ceremony the guests exit to the reception. I play music to keep the uplifted mood going.
Music Selections:  Many different tunes are appropriate for each phase of the ceremony.  I will customize the music to your preferences, including your religious or ethnic selections.  See Repertoire for suggestions.  (Please note that this is a general song list which includes tunes for all events.  It is a sample of the type of music that can be played on the harp.)
Katherine Honey Harpist - LinkedIn

Dear Katherine,

I never got a chance to thank you after
the wedding ceremony for my son
Craig and Ashley. The harp music
was so lovely. Many of our guests
commented about how delightful
the music was.

Thank you again, Cindy